WSHS Alumni

Tech Summit

Save the Date! West Seattle High School will host a Town Hall meeting on MONDAY MARCH 2, 2015 6-8pm featuring Seattle Public School’s Teaching & Learning Technology Summit. YOU are invited to contribute to the Seattle Public Schools Teaching and Learning Technology Vision. For more info, click the picture to your left…
…you can also get more info by clicking HERE which takes you to the appropriate article on the Seattle Public Schools website ( )

2/9/15 Rep Meeting – Hall of Fame votes and Class Rep Chinook Articles due

3/1/15 Chinook General Articles Due. Please contact Karen Seamens Dobbs at at to contribute your ideas/content.

6/6/15 All-School Reunion, this year on the first Saturday in June, ~2-6pm. Please contact with your offers to volunteer. For more information see the “All School Reunion” page by clicking HERE.

Reaching for the Stars

Annual WSHS PTSA Auction

Friday, November 21, 2014

We would be honored to have WSHS alumni attend our annual auction.

All proceeds from this event will directly fund the academic, arts, and athletic programs at WSHS to help all students “Reach for the Stars.” Please share your commitment and pride in WSHS by attending and donating to our auction.

The “Reaching for the Stars” auction will take place Friday, November 21, 2014 at the Brockey Center at South Seattle Community College. Seats are $50 per person with an early bird rate of $40 through Oct. 31, 2014. Buy tickets at Please forward this message to your classmates.

The auction is sponsored by the WSHS Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), a 501(c)(3).

Terese Machmiller
Cell 206.890.2277

Alumni Directory Update Project

Your Alumni Association has enlisted the help of Harris Connect for the upcoming West Seattle High School alumni directory. Work is well underway and we are trying to reach everyone by mail and/or phone to update alumni information.

Designed to be a definitive reference for West Seattle HS alumni, this publication will make it easy for you to reconnect with former friends and classmates. Complete listings for each respondent will include academic, professional and personal information – sorted alphabetically by last name under and cross-referenced by maiden or student name, if different. Alumni will also be listed by class year and city and state of residence. A special editorial section about West Seattle High School will give you a look at the past and glimpse into our future.

To help make the publication as complete as possible, please be sure to respond to our appeal to update your biographical profile. If you haven’t yet received a mailing or would like to verify your listing by phone – please call Harris Connect at 1- 800-546-3309.

All are encouraged, especially Class Reps, to forward this information to classmates whose contact information may be out of date.


If you have contact information for anyone listed below, please email Nancy Hammond at

First Name, Maiden Name – Married Name
Evelyn, Agte
Kay, Albert
Margie, Beals – Schwinn
Leigh, Bishop
Patricia, Born
Eleanor, Buck
Trudi, Bundle
Patricia, Bunge
Elizabeth, Burns
Janis, Burris
Roberta, Coleman
Lynn, Doescher – Wade
Vickie, Doherty – Buckingham
Mary, Donohoe
Kathy, Edmondson
Joyce, Edwards
Grace, Farrar
Donna, Forest
Jacqueline, Gipson
Barbara, Gray
Kristine, Green
Mary Ellen, Harris
Diana, Hayes- Larsen
Mary, Hewitt
Marti, Himmelman
Mary, Hix
Lauren, Humes – Scott
Jenee, Jensen
Janyce, Johnson
Judith, Kanahs
Toni, Knapp
Karla, Lehman
Janice, Lucchesini – Harrison
Lori, MacDonald – Tracey
Mary, Madden
Connie, Maxwell
Sharon, McDaniel – Young
Jimie, McIsaac
Margaret, McIsaac – McGrew
Paula, Meredith
Jorja, Milliron – Postovit
Sharon, Morgan
Linda, Nye
Linda, Ransdell
Beverly , Ryan
Karen, Sloan
Susan, Spear
Sandra, Summers
Nola, Swinton
Dora, Tomlinson
Kristin, Troutman – Benedict
Darlene, Turck
Vicki , Tyner
Alicia, Vales
Cynthia, Weyls
Christine, Whittington
Evelyn, Wick
Carol, Wilcox
Cathy, Wilcox
Monica, Witt
Aleta, Wozniak
Jerri, Yarolimek